Both the name of our nursery and the shape of our logo are deeply connected to Japan, the land of the rising sun. Our passion for the main product of our nursery, the Lisianthus is very obvious. This beautiful flower has it’s origin in Japan and is still cultivated there.

Meet the 'BIG SUN', a brand new label, exclusively grown by nursery Sunrise Holland

Since the spring of 2023 there has been big news under the sun: the introduction of a completely new type of Lisianthus under a new label called BIG SUN. Beautiful Supersized flowers with a full appearance thanks to the multi-layered petals. In collaboration with our breeder from Japan, we are able to breed no less than 7 trendy colors, including a special Terracotta color. The number of colors will be extended to 16, starting from april 2024.

Some characteristics of this unique crop:

  • The BIG SUN label is exclusively grown by nursery Sunrise Holland.
  • Full multi-layered flowers, available in 7 colours and in april 2024 in 16 colours.
  • The flowers of the BIG SUN are no less than twice as large as the flowers of the normal Lisianthus.
  • Very long vase life as you are used to from the Lisianthus.
  • Due to the weight of the branch and the size of the flower, 30 branches (3 bunches of 10) go in a container.
  • At the moment, the BIG SUN range is only available through the clock, but starting in april 2024 also via direct sales.
BIGSUN Lavender
If you would like more information about the BIG SUN, please feel free to contact Ariën van Wijk, tel. 0031-(0)6-23 47 78 93

The highest possible quality Lisianthus thanks to a carefully developed and proven cultivation technique!

You will find one of the most modern Lisianthus nurseries in the Netherlands in Brakel in Gelderland (along the Waal): Sunrise Holland. We’re talking to the young owner Ariën van Wijk, a flower grower in heart and soul: “I already used to spend lots of time in my dad’s nursery (Waalzicht nursery in Poederoijen, also a Lisianthus nursery) from a very young age. So I was literally brought up with a love for growing flowers.”

“A unique opportunity presented itself in 2019 to take over an existing market garden in Brakel and to therefore start up my own Lisianthus nursery. We successfully started harvesting our first flowers in the autumn of 2019 after a short but very intensive period of modernisation (including the construction of a double output line, new planting and bunching machine and an expansion of the cold store). Our top quality Lisianthus is the result of many years of continued development of the cultivation technique, a close collaboration between the grower, cutting supplier and the very best cultivation specialists and advisors.”

Our nursery has 2 output lines. This means 2 teams can harvest and pack at the same time. This allows us to absorb peak moments (for example after the weekend) and, at the same time, ensure maturity equality within the same batch of flowers.

We use advanced climate software to closely monitor all aspects of cultivation (including light, temperature and CO2 content of the air). It’s essential, for example, to use the right fertilisers at the right moments throughout the cultivation cycle.

The Lisianthus is originally a plant which likes a great deal of light. That’s why our nursery was equipped with a very energy-efficient hybrid installation of 20,000 Lux SON-T and 12,000 Lux energy-efficient LED lighting in 2021. The effect is twofold:
1. Sustainable and environmentally friendly lighting.
2. The plant is given more energy and therefore more resilience.



Sunrise Holland logo

Kwekerij Sunrise Holland
Molenkampsweg 20
5306 VP Brakel
Ariën van Wijk
Phone 0031-(0)6-23 47 78 93

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ariën van Wijk on telephone 06-23477893 if you’re interested in our flowers.
Do you have any special requirements? Ask us about the possibilities.

Sunrise Holland – Molenkampsweg 20 – 5306 VP Brakel – Ariën van Wijk – Phone 0031-(0)6-23 47 78 93 – E-mail:

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